Who will shape the future?

At the beginning of this lock-down I felt cautiously optimistic about our long term future. Maybe this virus, awful though it seemed destined to be, was our chance to press ‘reset’ and start to build anew. Others thought the same – #buildbackbetter, #greenrecovery etc all set up with momentum and enthusiasm.

The weeks have passed and Covid-19 has indeed been, and still is, terrible. Now, as we stumble quite chaotically out of lock-down, it is clear that the pressures to resume ‘business as usual’, no matter what the consequences, are immense.

It’s interesting and significant that battles about the past, the present and the future are raging in streets around the world. Humanity is looking at itself, and some of what we see isn’t very pleasant. However, we have to remember that most of it is amazing. It’s up to the majority – the amazing people, to shape the future; not the cynical minority.

So how do we do this?

The most powerful resource we have at our disposal is our numbers. We know that hundreds of thousands of men, women and children around the world want a peaceful future in which humanity, no matter what colour, creed, class or age, works as one to restore and protect the systems on which each one of us depends.

We’re all doing our little bit, but often it feels futile. What if all of us could combine our voices to shout out loud and proud for nature? Could we be powerful enough to counter the self-interest, influence and wealth of those lobbying to resume business exactly as usual, no matter what the long-term environmental costs? I think we could. Hence myecopledge.co.uk.

Governments around the world have had control of the narrative over these awful months; some have used that control irresponsibly and cynically. Those with the most imagination and ability have been able to lead their countries on the early steps towards a different, more sustainable way forward for their people and their economies. Those with more limited imagination, failing to recognise or to seize the immense opportunities around them, have created a narrative of ‘return to normal’: it suits their values, their pockets and the already bulging bank balances of their powerful supporters.

However, in their u-turns and off-the-cuff policies, they’re proving to us that WE CAN influence decisions.

SO – how do we counter balance the disproportionate power of a few?

We’re busy. We need our jobs. We need to feed our families. We can’t all be Gretas, Malalas, Luther-Kings or Ghandis, but we can make a difference.

This is what myecopledge.co.uk enables us all to do.

Here’s what we can do in just 5 minutes of our time:

  • Visit www.myecopledge.co.uk
  • Select your pledges, from as small as having one meat-free day per week, to as significant as changing all your bank accounts. It’s up to you. Every action helps.
  • Register your pledge, as an encouragement to others.
  • See how many others are doing the same.
  • Challenge ten friends and your followers with #whatsyourpledge ?
  • Become part of our movement.

So – how does this help?

Myecopledge.co.uk will collate these numbers and turn them into a shout out for humanity and for nature. We’ll use them to show governments, policy makers and businesses what we really want, and what we’re prepared to do.

We’re cutting it fine in our race to save the earth’s systems. We’ll never live our lives free of eco-anxiety; those days are gone, but we should fight for the future with every fibre of our being.

Let’s do this!

Visit www.myecopledge.co.uk and start making your actions count!