About Rewilding Britain

The climate and ecological emergencies mean that we all must urgently reconsider what we are asking of our land and seas both in terms of drawing down carbon from the atmosphere but also how our wildlife and habitats adapt to climate change. Rewilding Britain’s ambition is to see a massive upscaling of nature’s recovery across at least 30% of Britain’s land and sea by 2030 supporting natural forest and woodland, peatlands, rivers, moorlands, saltmarshes and healthy seas. This will reverse the loss of species and wildlife, and will address climate breakdown through working with nature. We are the only organisation galvanising such a massive acceleration in rewilding and restoration across Britain, to enhance, expand and connect up vital areas of rich native habitats so both people and nature can flourish.

Our Partnership

I literally leapt for joy when Rewilding Britain agreed to be our partners.

We have so much to learn from nature when we stop imposing our limited understanding onto its wonderful systems. Rewilding Britain is a small charity making great waves as part of the global rewilding movement.

Over the last few years, I’ve read George Monbiot’s ‘Feral’, Isabella Tree’s ‘Wilding’ and Dave Goulson’s ‘The Garden Jungle’, and I’ve heard both Tree and Goulson talk at literary festivals. When they share their vision of nature, it’s a vision of hope and joy; it is also a vision based upon science and experience.

There’s a common misconception that rewilding is all about reintroducing large predators into small spaces, or reducing crop yields irresponsibly. Neither is true. Take the time to study Rewilding Britain’s website to see what the rewilding movement is really about, and how it can enrich all of our lives. You’ll be inspired with a welling of hope and an optimistic view of what might be, and what needs to be. I hope you’ll support them.