In 2009, The New Statesman profiled James Thornton, ClientEarth’s Founder and then CEO, as one of ten people who really could change the world.

However, it wasn’t until ten years later, in 2019, that I first heard about ClientEarth, Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour, auctioning 120 of his guitars, decided to donate the proceeds to ClientEarth because, he said, they would be the organisation who would make the most effective use of the money in tackling climate change. Eventually able to donate £21 million, Gilmour said:

“The global climate crisis is the greatest challenge that humanity will ever face, and we are within a few years of the effects of global warming becoming irreversible. I hope that the sale of these guitars will help ClientEarth in their actions to use the law to bring about real change. We need a civilised world that goes on for all our grandchildren and beyond, in which these guitars can be played, and songs can be sung.”

James Thornton responded with joy, gratitude and humility, explaining the difference this generous donation would make to his work, vastly increasing the potential of ClientEarth to fight in court on behalf of their client, Earth.

ClientEarth’s lawyers, as the name suggests, see the Earth as their client, fighting court cases around the globe on the Earth’s behalf; challenging governments, big businesses and the might of the fossil fuel industry. A quick visit to their website shows not only achievements to date but the range of current cases. What is notable is their expertise, their determination and their positive, ‘can-do’ approach.

We’re proud to be partners.